An evaluation run

I’ve sent five copies of the game to some global intranet colleagues whose expert judgement I trust. I hope they will test and like the game idea!

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Second version of the cards

Based on input from some tests I have redesigned all cards. Now the cards are used in three steps instead of five, and it is also more obvious what step each card belongs to.

The cards have also gotten double classes, both “activity” type and “product part” of the intranet.

I’ve also had the cards made at a professional studio instead of printing and cutting every card myself. Decks for ten games exists today, enough for further tests and sending a few games to colleagues for evaluation.


First live test

I’ve had the opportunity to test the game in a workshop with eight participants. We had a great workshop and I got a lot of excellent feedback.

Based on this input I will build a second beta version!


Game is ready for test run

Finally! I’ve made five copies of the game. I’m soo bored of making cards (600 of them) with a pair of scissors.

Now I’m ready for a test with some friends! Hopefully the participants will like the game.


The right game boards

After some experimenting with the game boards I’m now confident that I have the right solution. I must have been to the stationery shop at least ten times. Funny, I thought I would never need to buy paper in a shop again, this being digital times. But it is something special, building a real, physical game.

Below are the game boards placed for a test run of the game.


More card sorting, checking the logic of the game. This time on the floor since all tables was too small for the exercise.



Finding the right paper and plastic sleeves

Making a board game confronts you with a lot of new questions. What should the game board be made of? How thick can the paper be for the cards? (note: check the manual for the home printer) Maybe the cards should be in plastic sleeves of some kind? (WHERE can I find such sleeves?)

I’m going to present the game in a conference in November, so now I need to make FIVE identical games, not just one. 600 hand-cut cards 5×5 game boards… I’m working late in the nights.